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2019 Property Tax Levy Process Information

Determining the property tax levy is a multi-step process that incorporates several public meetings which allow for resident input. That process kicks off in the fall with the presentation to the City Council of a preliminary estimate of next year's (2019) property tax levy. 

The property tax levy collected by the City helps fund 24/7 police, fire and public works services, planning, engineering and much more.

Why is it the 2019 Levy and Not the 2020 Levy?

Illinois property taxes are paid one year in arrears. Any payments made in 2020 actually will be applied towards 2019 taxes. Property tax bills sent in 2020 reflect 2019 taxes.

Steps in the City's Levy Process

  1. Preliminary Estimate of Levy - November 2019
  2. Public Hearing  - December 2019
  3. Consideration of Levy Ordinance - December 2019
  4. Debt Abatements - January 2020
  5. Levy Finalized - April 15, 2020

More information about the property tax levy estimate and levy-setting process is in this presentation made to the City Council

updated Nov 11, 2019